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With some of the best healthtech expertise on the planet, we dream big and take a bold position as The Healthtech Innovation Company. Because true innovators lead the way. Because only the right mix of experts will solve the toughest of problems for their customers.

Releasing the power of smart and seamless healthcare

Platform24 is on a mission to unlock the potential of healthcare by creating smooth and accessible healthcare, where both patients and caregivers are empowered by the smartest digital technology available. Our goal is to enable AI precision while maintaining a human touch, allowing clinicians to focus on what they do best – practicing medicine.

We envision a world where technology improves the patient experience and patients are in control of their care. By empowering the intersection of physical and digital care, Platform24 strives to make the healthcare experience attainable and user friendly, for both patients and clinicians.

How do we
make this happen?

By being both a healthtech company and healthcare provider, we have built a unique knowledge base and solid position in the field of automated healthcare technology solutions and integrated care platforms.  By connecting clinicians, patients and systems in intelligent healthtech solutions, we improve care and quality of life throughout the patient journey and beyond.

Our platform seamlessly equips healthcare systems with data-driven support — fast and accurate. The digital-first setting puts the patient in control and enables autonomy and self-control of the patient journey. It also dramatically increases accessibility, medical safety, efficiency and improves the workflow of clinics.

With a digital entry-point and support throughout the patient journey, healthcare gets faster, more accurate and enables a wiser use of resources. 

Together with our partners we are creating a more accessible, seamless and sustainable healthcare. 

What we are proud of

We have an uncompromising focus on making
every day better for both patients and clinicians.


Digital Interactions per month

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Who are we?

Platform24 was founded in 2016 by a group of doctors, engineers and business professionals with a vision to create a better model of healthcare. 

Deeply rooted in healthcare, the focus of Platform24 is to create technology that enables a human-centric healthcare system. By merging brilliant minds, our fast growing international team of doctors, engineers, nurses, scientists and psychologists are turning that vision into a reality.

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