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Tailor-made customer and clinician experiences based on needs and preferences.

Built with flexibility in mind

Our Platform24 is built to support the needs of the most sophisticated payers and providers. Because the platform digitises several of the most important processes for care actors – the ones involving their patients – we enable customisable patient experiences and flows.


This is where the magic happens. In Manage24, you are able to configure your offerings based on the needs of your patients and your clinical prerequisites. Through our business configuration app, you can tailor pathways for different patient groups and align them with geographic and supply factors.

Some possible configurations:

  • Separate or consolidated apps
  • Medical questionnaires
  • Supply options based on severity of case and available resources


Import, export, and synchronize data with other systems, (e.g., EHRs).

Common integrations in the patient app

  • Patient authorization
  • Payment

Other integrations

  • Past medical history
  • Laboratory or X-ray data
  • Analytics

Common integrations for clinicians

  • Staff authorization
  • Smart EHR/UI integration
  • Scheduling
  • Export of medical records 

Front door

Care units invest a lot of resources in offering physical clinics that make the patient experience as positive as possible. Digital units should do the same.

Through the Patient Front Door, you provide your patients with a safe and empowering digital care path. Our Front Door offers an omnichannel patient engagement strategy, covering all aspects of digital patient interactions that surround the point of care.

Self-service & Automation

Counting millions of patient interactions annually, our platform offers the most comprehensive and proven system for automated triage and medical record authoring and routing in the Nordic countries.

Through our self-service and automation support, patients gain control over their own care journeys, and providers save precious time and staff resources.


Empower patients through better communication.

Consultations can be initiated by both patients and care providers. Additionally, our communication modules help care planners discuss treatment options with patients and facilitate check-ins for patients enrolled in remote monitoring programs.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a tool for patients that need to stay closely in touch with their providers (e.g., patients with chronic conditions). Common diagnosis groups that benefit from this technology include diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

In addition, this feature offers clinicians options for temporary monitoring or follow-up care after medical procedures (i.e., post-surgery).


Make it your own. Adapt our platform to fit your specific business goals and needs.