New figures: digital corona clinic provides noticeable relieve

marts 31, 2020

Region after region is now rapidly launching a “central digital entrance”, where the possibility of a “digital corona clinic” is particularly relevant. There is a very intense work period at Platform24 and in just a few days, a region can have an automated guide to digital care, including the” digital corona clinic”, in place.

For the healthcare regions that have implemented the digital corona clinic, a clear reduction of the strain on the healthcare system has been noticeable after only a few weeks.

Of the patients who have searched for “corona” in the system:​

  • 10 percent were satisfied after receiving the initial information about Coronavirus and chose not to look for more information
  • 32 percent were guided to the automatic self-care advice, out of these 42 percent chose NOT to proceed to contact with healthcare personnel. In other words, they received the advice they needed without placing an additional strain on healthcare resources.

“After just a few weeks it is already clear that the corona clinic clearly relieves and makes the handling of the patient more effective in that patients with bigger and more urgent needs get help quickly, while the healthcare can provide fast and accurate information to those wdho are worried and have questions. Contact with healthcare staff, are not always necessary, information and customized self-care advice are often enough” says Tobias Perdahl, Chief Medical Officer at Platform24.

The solution is integrated with the health care counseling call center and can also be reached via the primary care unit’s telephone and digital channels. Residents have easy access to updated information, advice and care. The solution provides automated self-care advice and information and sorts and prioritises according to patient’s need of care. The patient can chat with a nurse who can also guide the patient further in the healthcare system, digitally or physically based on needs.

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