december 15, 2021

A digital front door to healthcare in everyone’s pocket

Now in 2022, it is well overdue to offer people a digital front door to healthcare. To meet the users expectation of all-day-any-day-anywhere access, but also to make efficient use of our common healthcare resources. Healthcare has had a provider focus for far too long and becoming patient-oriented is no longer enough, it is time to wake up, embrace the digital revolution, and become mobile first and truly user-centric. The place to start is to give people a seamless, relevant, intelligent, connected and adaptive digital front door to healthcare. And yes, it is one app and not a whole bunch of them!

december 15, 2021

Kjersti Thorneus

CPO at Platform24/24Health

So what is a digital front door to health care? It is an app where you can seek care and get routed to the right care. Where you can book and rebook your appointments, read lab results and your health record. Where you share info and fill in questionnaires before the consultation to make it run smoothly or share your health metrics with your doctor. A place where you can get health advice or have a video consultation or chat with your doctor.

Follows you seamlessly in the digi-physical patient journey 

We all have multiple encounters with different parts of the healthcare system. Having one app that virtually holds your hand across digital and physical care, whether it is an acute or a chronic condition, whether you need help from a general practitioner, a cardiologist, a physiotherapist or a psychologist – having a single app for all of your healthcare needs makes all the difference in the world. To put it simply, a seamless user journey for you through everything that has to do with healthcare.

Personalized experience and a relevant call to actions 

Being relevant to the individual goes way beyond guiding over the telephone helpline to self care or recommending seeing a doctor. The next level is letting a chatbot interview the patient to the right level of care, be it self care, general practitioner, physiotherapy, or a specialist doctor. The chatbot is not restrained by the number of telephone operators and can deliver higher consistency on more complex outputs. Next generation relevance is proactive and it utilizes data to serve relevant information and, the real superpower, drive relevant actions on an individual level. Imagine all the data in the healthcare ecosystem and how that can be used to tailor a user experience just for you. 

Event data, you have a booking today or tomorrow, being the simplest example. Using demographic data, women 40+  to be prompted with information and self examination advice about breast cancer together with push for booking the yearly mammography appointment and a reminder of the results from the last scan. No need to prompt men with mammography advice or let women 40+ search for that information on a general and overcrowded page. 

And then there is health data, the obvious candidate both for acute and chronic conditions. A reminder to check the lab results or the x-ray scan, but also empowering people with a chronic condition, like hypertension or asthma, to monitor it themselves. Instead of visiting the doctors office once every 6 months to check the blood pressure, you can weekly or maybe even daily monitor it from the comfort of your home. This allows the patient to play a more active part in their care and it also feeds valuable data with high frequency to the practitioner assessing the effect of treatment and medication.

State of the art technology to make it intelligent 

The data used to make the experience relevant should also be used to make the product intelligent, for the user and for people working in health care. Computers are great at crunching a lot of numbers in a consistent way over time. At Platform24/24Health we strongly believe that computing power will help doctors to make better decisions for faster adaptation of new research, consistency in decisions and treatment, and not overlooking unusual combinations of symptoms. Not only automating and digitizing repetitive and administrative tasks but also by helping out with identifying dangerous combinations of symptoms or interpreting an advanced x-ray or a birthmark.

Powerful integration capabilities 

At Platform24/24Health we understand that the digital front door needs to be connected to IT-systems already in place in the healthcare ecosystem. The front door will both produce and consume data and live alongside other systems that do the same. Thus strong integration capabilities are core to our offering. Relevant, seamless, and intelligent all rely on data flowing through from other parts of the ecosystem.

Adaptive to the partner’s look, logic and offering

People are unique and so are our clients. That is why Platform24 adapts to the partner’s look, logic and offering. As a client, you can configure your own patients flows and care pathways, set up your portfolio of healthcare and non-healthcare offerings and add your organisational and business logic. You can use our medical content out of the box, make adjustments in it or use your own, whatever suits you the best.

The standard white label app together with your partner configuration creates a user experience unique to your brand and business, delivered in a mobile app both iOS and Android, a mobile web page and desktop experience.

Platform24/24Health provides a seamless, relevant, intelligent, connected and adaptive digital front door to both digital and physical healthcare across multiple markets and segments. The platform is comprehensive and battle-tested, we already today have close to two million patients live on the platform and practitioners from different disciplines, care levels and countries. 

Read more about front door here!

Join us on our mission to make healthcare smart and seamless and put a digital front door to healthcare in everyone’s pocket!


Kjersti Thorneus

CPO at Platform24/24Health

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