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Webinar – Digital transformation of regional care

Webinar – Digital transformation of regional care: innovation and efficiency driven by technology.

Simon Nilsson joined us to discuss the impact and obstacles of the transformation to a digital-physical network for healthcare services in Gävleborg, Sweden.

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Learnings from one of the most ambitious transformation projects in the Nordics.

Our focus is on innovation, as we believe transformation is essential to provide sustainable, high-quality, and accessible care.

The good news is that we can achieve this without reinventing the wheel. By utilizing platforms that offer simplicity and efficiency, we can create a smoother healthcare system. These platforms have been referred to as the “lubricating oil” of the healthcare sector, and regional changes have shown to have a significant impact.

For instance, Gävleborg, a Swedish region, has successfully integrated a new platform into their existing ecosystem, providing an unsurpassed patient experience for their 300,000 inhabitants. We can learn from their experiences and use them to deploy regional healthcare capacity more efficiently.

Watch the webinar “Digital Transformation of Regional Care,” where we discovered how the Swedish transformation project can help us improve our healthcare system.

Watch the webinar on demand!


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